Insurance is one thing people loathe to talk about. Who wants to talk about death, disability, critical illness and put a ‘value’ on our lives and income? Who wants to talk about getting sick, disabled or spending your hard earned cash on insurance premiums?

No one, not really.

But, it is important to understand your risk, to look after yourself, your responsibilities and your family. Insurance helps your company to keep running and provides income while you receive treatments and recover. It can provide a legacy when you pass, preserve your estate, help pay final taxes, or provide a lasting legacy.

Insurance provides you with peace of mind, knowing your bills will still be paid and your family can stay in their home. Being careful and prudent, insurance is not about spending money on premiums just for the sake of it. Good advice comes with rational explanations. Simple solutions, understandable plans for today, next week, next year and possibly your entire life; this is how insurance should work for you. You should understand what you have, and if not, ask questions until you do and review your policies regularly for peace of mind.

We help you navigate through terms, premiums, waiting periods and beneficiaries. We recommend the companies that we know will make life easier when it matters most.