Who should invest with us?

We’ll be the first to say it: Robertson Financial Group isn’t the right choice for everyone. For many years, we’ve believed in the same basic strategy of investing in quality investment solutions that have proven themselves over time. We understand that this approach may be considered old-fashioned in this day and age. But if it means helping investors realize their goals, it’s an approach we’re going to stick to.

Are we the right firm for you? That depends on whether you see yourself the same way we do:

  • you prefer interacting with an actual person, rather than a call centre or website 
  • you like to make well-informed decisions 
  • you take a realistic approach to your financial decisions 
  • you’re confident and secure, but careful when it comes to managing your money 
  • you understand the difference between investing and gambling with your money 
  • you want to invest in quality investments instead of following the latest trends 
  • you won’t compromise your principles and you expect the same from others 
  • you’re an independent thinker If we aren’t the right choice for you, that’s okay – another investment firm that fits your personality can better serve your needs.