What to Expect

Investing for the long-term takes discipline, patience and confidence in your advisor. It’s a lifelong proposition that can help you achieve each and every financial goal you set for yourself and your family. But what should you expect from your financial advisor and what will your financial advisor expect from you?

What you can expect form your financial advisor:

  • a compreshensive approach to all financial needs, including education savings, retirement planning, insurance needs and investments – based on your individual  needs and expectations 
  • personalized attention and prompt answers to financial questions and concerns 
  • face-to-face meetings, if that is your preference 
  • a conveniently located branch office 
  • yearly portfolio review 
  • regular annual meeting to discuss changes in life goals 
  • clear, complete explanations of investments and recommendations

What your financial advisor can expect from you:

  • gain an understanding of our approach and philosophy 
  • willingness to define and set attainable, realistic goals 
  • dedication to investing/saving for the long haul 
  • appreciation for the value of advice, whether or not you agree 
  • referrals – so we can help your friends and family achieve their goals as well